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Creative Recovery Coach

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Welcome to my website,

I have created a method for safely releasing old emotional pain using photo collages and corresponding worksheets. My guidebook is a novel, innovative tool designed especially for adults in faith-based addiction treatment centers or transitional housing. However, it’s perfect for anyone who desires a creative approach to enhance their recovery.


My Story

I’ve always pursued professions that highlighted my caregiving qualities.

As an LPN, I enjoyed caring for others as I worked to relieve illness and disease. Some of my most profound experiences came as a hospice nurse. I went to homes where symptoms at end of life required further management. My skills and calm presence eased patients’ difficulties and created a smooth passage for them and comfort for their families.

   As a Certified Massage Therapist my quiet demeanor and physical strength allowed me to meditatively hold a quiet, safe space so my clients could relax and let go of the tension. 

   While I was reasonably confident in my professions, I reached a point when I was faltering in my emotional life. Counseling and self-help groups contributed to rebuilding myself. In solitary moments, vintage photographs called out to me. I studied them and bristled when repeated pleasant images didn’t match the scorched memories of my childhood and early adulthood.

I needed my truth to made tangible and definable — scrapbooking was my vehicle. The creative process fully engaged me and reached into dark corners with a gentle light.

   Finally, I felt comfort with those years. I had manifested a physical representation in the form of collages. The pain was finally outside of my body. I breathed easier and showed my pages to my counselor. We unpacked them and my life improved.

   I’m so grateful for my experiences as a nurse and a massage practitioner. Now, I’m excited to add creative recovery coach to the ways I can serve others.

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